Cability now offers a full range of custom SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) J1939 cable assemblies. Cability J1939 cables are made specifically for the application providing the optimum solution to OEM and aftermarket equipment manufacturers. We do not offer a standard product line to end users.
The J1939 cables are used for interfacing with CAN (Controller Area Network) bus signals on a variety of machinery and vehicles. The CAN bus is engineered to permit microcontrollers and devices to openly communicate without the existence of a host computer. Widely adopted by the diesel engine manufacturing industry to help interface with Electronic Control Units (ECU), the SAE J1939 cable can be found in a number of diesel powered applications including diesel trucks, buses, on-road vehicles, off-road vehicles, marine propulsion, power generation, and industrial pumping. In the automotive industry the ECU can handle a variety of subsystems throughout the vehicle with the largest being the engine control unit and others including transmission, airbags, antilock brakes/ABS, cruise control, and more. Your J1939 custom cable will provide a solid and reliable connection to your specific CAN bus delivering communication and diagnostic data from multiple Electronic Control Units (ECU).
J1939 Cable - Manufacturing Solution
Since we manufacture our cables to meet your specific product requirements, we can supply a virtually unlimited variety of J1939 cable configurations and pin-outs. Our engineering staff is readily available to assist in designing a solution to meet your demands. Send us your engineering specifications and we will be happy to accommodate your needs. Our injection molding capability means we can supply you over-molded connectors that ensure rugged environmental performance and a professional appearance.
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